Monday, September 18, 2006

New Strip - for Oxford American Magazine.

(Click for larger version)
Here's a new strip I did for Oxford American Magazine, their Southern Music Issue. The title is in reference to Alien Sex Fiend, not Johnny Cash by the way. Anyway, they also feature comics by Patrick Dean and Martin Cendreda - pretty cool. Oh, and you can find the issue (with an accompanying CD with tracks by Sun Ra, Richard Hell, The 6ths, Sam Cooke, and others) at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Tower Records. Here's the cover:


Bob Flynn said...

Looks great! Good story flow, nice color palette, and the story is very poignant for a one-pager. I like the "mix-up" panel the best.

ufotrash said...

OH JEEZ! You're the guy from typography! When you put up your Onsmith "tag" on the board today I was like..."HOLD UP, ONSMITH, THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR." and it ate away at me until I got home and just HAD to look it up. Oh gosh. Anyway. Wow. So you're stuff is really great and I like it a lot. Haha!

David King said...

Man, I'd kill to be published in a magazine with Sam Cooke on the cover!

That's a great strip too. I'll try and buy a copy this week

Onsmith said...

Thanks you guys! Bob, I appreciate the thorough read - kinda wish more folks read comics like that (of course, like you said, it's difficult to get everything in a one-pager you want to).

Michelle - yep, that's me in your Typography class. As you can see now, this is why I commented on hand-drawing the letterforms and whatnot. Thanks for checking out my stuff!

Dave - Thanks man! I'd give you one, but I only got two comp copies (and that's really not enough to set up a tear-sheets even).

Marga F. Rosende said...

Congratulations Onsmith!

Onsmith said...

Thanks Marga!