Friday, January 20, 2006

The Gocco Set! ...And Save Gocco!

Finally, yes FINALLY, I have updated the Shop with "The Gocco Set" of prints for sale! (I also realized that there was a problem with my PayPal buttons on my site and these have been fixed.) The Gocco box set is designed by Ivan Brunetti and contains 17 prints (made exclusively using Riso's Print Gocco Printer) by 17 artists including:

Andrice Arp
Alana Bailey
Jonathan Bennett
Sean Bieri
Ivan Brunetti
Marc Crisafulli
John Hankiewicz
Cole Johnson
David King
Ryoko Oguchi
Jesse Reklaw
Bryce Somerville
Rhonda Turnbough
Britton Walters
Lauren Weinstein

Ivan also recently mentioned to me that Riso, the manufacturer of the Print Gocco Printer, has decided to discontinue all things Gocco. BUT, there is already a group of Gocco enthusiasts ("Save Gocco") campaigning to find a new home for the products other than Riso. I personally hope that these products will still be offered somehow, because this automated screen-printer has been such a helpful tool in making mini-comics and small prints. If you're a fan of Gocco prints or the printer itself, PLEASE check out "Save Gocco" to see what you can do to help out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"We All Die Alone" by Mark Newgarden...

Although I'll have to take a lint brush to the fuzzy cover of this book, I'm a bonafide proud owner of this collection of Mark Newgarden's comics (and man-oh-man, have I been waiting for this!). Edited by Dan Nadel (Ganzfeld) and designed by Helene Silverman, this book is a brilliant laff riot and is essential to any of you doing humorous work out there. How can you go wrong with 224 pages of big whoppin' noses? Here's some info on the book straight from Mark's site.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cupco Artwork & Plush Dolls!

Luke from Cupco is not only a clever doll-maker (yeah, I think you can say that nowadays without it sounding too fruity) but an artist who also dabbles in Flash and offers short animations on his site. Go to his site and check out the plush dolls of your favorite cartoon characters like Fidel Castro, Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver (see below), Terrorists, Vikings, Werewolves, Pirates, and even a set of plushie Black Metal band members (from the darkest and SOFTEST regions of the nether realm)!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ivan Brunetti Felt Plushie...

My girlfriend, Ryoko Oguchi, made a 2-sided felt plush head of Ivan Brunetti as a gift to him. I came up with the design and she assembled it using felt, buttons, stuffing, and stitching. Here's a couple of photos I took of it.