Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"We All Die Alone" by Mark Newgarden...

Although I'll have to take a lint brush to the fuzzy cover of this book, I'm a bonafide proud owner of this collection of Mark Newgarden's comics (and man-oh-man, have I been waiting for this!). Edited by Dan Nadel (Ganzfeld) and designed by Helene Silverman, this book is a brilliant laff riot and is essential to any of you doing humorous work out there. How can you go wrong with 224 pages of big whoppin' noses? Here's some info on the book straight from Mark's site.


Paul Parducci said...

Fantastic Book!
Remember... we do all die alone.

Jenny said...

Psst...it's "bonafide"...unless you were going for something a little more erotic.

Nice blog, glad Eric Flog'd ya. I'll def keep you in my bookmarks.

Hope you're well, and hi from me & Johnny.