Thursday, July 17, 2008

Odds n' Ends & Some News...

I will be at Quimby's tomorrow night at 7pm (Friday, July 18th) for the Windy Corner Magazine signing along with John Hankiewicz and the editor (and main cartoonist) Austin English. The way I'm involved is that I interviewed John Hankiewicz for this issue and I'll be there to support these guys. Here's a link to the Quimby's site with the event announcement.
This is a drawing that Paul Nudd did for me. I'm flattered. Paul and are brewing up a possible collaborative art/comics project and I'll let you know more when it happens.

In other news, I recently finished up a new mini comic and a mini of drawings (some of them are shown above) that are split 50/50 with John Hankiewicz. We'll be putting this out sometime before the end of the summer. The two of us are also working on a 4 page comic for the Chicago Artists' Coalition newspaper. I'll post something about it once it's ready for print.

There are some photos up on the Pony Club Gallery's Flickr account from the show I was in curated by Chris Cilla. Go and check 'em out here.

Recently, I took a position at Beverly Arts Center on Chicago's south side teaching a comics class for junior high and high school students. The class will be over this week, but I've made scans of a lot of their comics and will post a link to a Flickr set. The above drawing is by Gabriel (13 yrs old).

Finally, here are a couple of my recent doodles. I'll try to update this blog more often.