Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anthology of Graphic Fiction Vol. 2 - Video Preview

Ivan Brunetti on An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Vol. 2 from Yale University Press on Vimeo.

This is a preview video for Ivan Brunetti's "An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons & True Stories Vol. 2" published by Yale University Press. I'm fortunate enough to have drawn the title page (which is animated in the beginning of this video - my drawing, "Cartoon Suprematism") as well as having a page of unpublished comics in it. The book is amazing and I highly recommend it even if you are on the "up and up" with today's art-comics.


keith said...

righteous! and tag! (apologies)

read this for the rules

Church of Craft Athens said...

I apologize for starting the tag thing, too.

Your art looks fab!

Hope you are doing good!!


Onsmith said...

No worries about the tag thing. Thanks very much for the compliment and I hope you're doing well!