Sunday, November 20, 2005

New David King Mini-Comic in the works...

(Page from David King's "Cavalcade")

My pal, David King, tells me he's working on a new mini-comic, tentatively called "Reliable Comics". He's a swell cartoonist who draws influence from Archie Comics, Gluyas Williams (and other "old-timey" artists), and 40's classic & 50's modern cartoons. His comics blend absurd goofiness, some dark humor, and what seems to be some revamped ideas of older comics that tickle his fancy. On his site, he's got his comics for sale, some samples of his cartoon art, and a cool gallery of Gluyas Williams' comics/art. (Ah, and I should also mention he has some gag cartoons in "Gag-Hag" as well.) Below are some rough ideas for his upcoming mini-comic.

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Ryoko O. said...

It's good to see David King stuff! Thanks for posting! I like the doodle cartoon cars! Cute!