Thursday, January 26, 2012

Puck Comic Party.

Cover to Puck Comic Party.

One of my panels with lettering I did in Italian.

Puck Comic Party is a comics jam anthology from Italy including over 170 cartoonists from all over the world.  I am honored to follow Rick Altergott and in turn be followed by Chris Cilla.  It's quite an ambitious project including some of comics' heavy-hitters such as Marc Bell, Tony Millionaire, Al Jaffee, Jay Lynch, Bill Griffith, and SO MANY more.


vollsticks said...

Haven't seen any of Thomas Bunk's work in AGES!

Hope you're well!


Onsmith said...

Doing alright, Ant! Still making a few comics here and there when I can. Hope you're doing well too.

Luke said...

Is this for sale yet? Where can I buy a copy? Any chance that an English translation will be made?

Onsmith said...

I believe you can order it directly from the editor - - as far as an English translation, I don't believe there are any plans for one. Again, contacting the editor would answer some of your questions. Thanks for your interest!


trolley castors said...

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