Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Exhibitions - "Blaque Lyte" & Keith Herzik Retrospective

"Blaque Lyte" - Curated by Chris Kerr and Paul Nudd
Opening reception: Saturday, October 29, 5-8 pm

Black lights have been used to serve a variety of purposes since the scientist William Byler invented it in 1935 to enhance detection methods from air travel radars to x-ray. From college dorm rooms that create otherworldly spaces to forensic teams uncovering bodily fluids at a crime scene. Drawing from the tendency of their own art work to explore the contradictions within the weird and gross, Paul Nudd and Chris Kerr asked over thirty artists from Chicago and around the world to experiment with different forms and materials to update and immerse viewers in the profound inverse world generated by black-lights.
Along with the thirty artists installed in gallery 2, Gallery 5 will included a retrospective look at screen printer Keith Herzik entitled "There Are Still Lofty Dreams, Meager Desires and Still Silliness." The curators note that Herzik “ignores and willfully defies most of the recognizable hallmarks of screen printing,” he is trying to push the medium and its materials to their limit. Early in his career Herzik studied with cartoonist Peter Saul in Austin and has since created numerous punk-rock posters and is a prolific publisher of handmade artists’ books, zines and other publications.

Exhibiting Artists:
Benton Moss, Thomas Mazzarella, David Shrigley, DeeDee Scacci, Keith Herzik, Nick Black, Mike Andrews, Lilli Carre, Giselind Von Wurmb, Evah Fan, Seth Scriver, Leif Goldberg, Marie Rosen, Eric Lebofsky, Paintallica, Andy Burkholder, Mariano Chavez, Edie Fake, Onsmith, Ben Stone, Sanya Glisic, Kristen Romaniszak, Laurent Impeduglia, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Brandon Heuser, Joakim Ojanen, Hanna Andersson, Anya Davidson, Nicole Northway, Max Morris

I created a series of drawings called, "Faxed Escape Route" which included faxed spam cruise package offers collected from various office jobs I've had.  Below is an example of the type of drawings I did:

Nudd and Kerr also printed a suite of prints to accompany the show which includes: 
Sanya Glisic, Andy Burkholder, Onsmith, Seth Scriver, Hanna Andersson, Joakim Ojanen, Lillie Carre, Edie Fake and liner notes by Paul Nudd. Extremely limited edition of 44 (9 multi color prints per edition). All prints are 11x15 inches and are printed on blacklight sensitive Mr. French paper with fluorescent inks. Available at the opening this Saturday or through Chris Kerr

Here's the printed liner notes by Paul Nudd:

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