Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008 Ignatz Awards - I'm nominated...

To coincide with the annual SPX convention, I've been nominated for an Ignatz Award for my story in Hotwire Comics #2 (Fantagraphics Books) called "The Candy Rod". This is surprising to me, as I've never been nominated for a comics-related award. It's unlikely I'll win the award because of the other great stories mine is up against, including:
"Americus", MK Reed and Jon athan Hill, Papercutter #7 (Tugboat Press)
"The Galactic Funnels", Dash Shaw, Mome #11 (Fantagraphics Books)
The Thing About Madeleine, Lilli Carre (self-published)
"The Urn", Chris Wright, Inkweed (Sparkplug Comic Books)

Other pals of mine have been nominated in other categories as well: Lilli Carre, Laura Park, Austin English, Ted May, and David King.


Ted May said...

Congrats, man! Hope you get bricked.

Jon Wilcox said...

Wow, this is great! Congratulations.

hadjare said...

As they say for the Oscar's "It's an honor to be nominated."


Onsmith said...

Thanks guys! Ted - I hope the same for you.

chris said...

Vote often, vote Onsmith!