Thursday, February 22, 2007

Big(ish) Update - New Doodles, Drawings, & Paintings...

Here's the classwork:

This is an acrylic painting of the Astro Boy character, "Doctor Elefun" and a crappy sculpture I made using "Sculpey." It was a class assignment where we were to make a still life from one object found and one created using a light source.

This one is an illustration using transparent dyes and India ink. We were to illustrate a cover for an Urban Outfitters catalog - insert ubiquitous hipster in urban environment. Oh, and it's cropped because I screwed up some of the areas of the illustration.

Here's the personal work:

Ink drawing I did on a test paper of colored inks.

Slightly older doodle using Pentel Sign pens.

Acrylic paint with India ink over it (on cardboard).

Transparent yellow ink with colored pencil & India ink.

Whelp, that's it for now.


Bob Flynn said...

Hey Onsmith! I'm not sure it's ever occurred to me to use colored inks. What an idea! Also fun to see you working through your assignments. I wonder what approach I would take if I was back in school.

Bob Flynn said...

Edit--colored inks to color inked drawings, I meant. Everyone uses watercolor by default.

Jake said...

That businessman in the alley is the shit. That rules my face.

maxi said...

viva el doctor elefant!!!!!

Onsmith said...

Thanks guys! The colored inks work pretty well I suppose, but depending on dilution from water or not, it can seem very much like watercolor anyway. Straight from the bottle is pretty awesome though.

Kyle said...

Nice work. I saw your sketches at school too! Awesome job man.

Onsmith said...

Thanks Kyle! I need to check out that exhibit a bit further myself.