Sunday, October 29, 2006

Print Gocco, Craft Magazine, and "In The Studio"...

Above is a page from the premier issue of Craft Magazine (from the same publisher of Make Magazine) that featured an article over Print Gocco and the campaign to Save Gocco. They featured a layout of some gocco prints including the cover of my mini-comic, "Claptrap", as well as prints by Cole Johnson and Minza Wada. You can purchase a copy (or subscribe) here. Here's the cover:
Also, the new book from Todd Hignite, "In The Studio" published by Yale University Press, features a section with Ivan Brunetti where he talks about The Gocco Set and says some nice things about Ryoko Oguchi's artwork. Other artists covered in the book are: Charles Burns, Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Jaime Hernandez, Gary Panter, Robert Crumb, Seth, and Daniel Clowes. Buy it here. Here's the page from the book (poorly scanned) where Ivan discusses The Gocco Set:
(Click for larger version) And here's the cover:


Bob Flynn said...

My girlfriend was flipping through Craft in the bookstore and she said, "Hey, isn't this that guy you know?" And I said, "Well, I don't know him, but that's Onsmith alright!"

I almost picked up Hignite's book, but I have a handful of Comic Art issues that basically feature the same content. He's a cool guy---went to the same school as me, for art history (Wash U).

Oh, and by the way---CONGRATS on both accounts.

Onsmith said...

Thanks Bob! Yeah, I think the book is great - cool to see some extra images that Comic Art Magazine didn't initially run (plus, Ivan's section is new).