Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chris Ware Exhibit at The MCA in Chicago.

Featuring old and new work, The Museum of Contempory Art in Chicago will be hosting an exhibit of Chris Ware's work starting May 6th and will be up until August 27th. From the MCA site: "...his first museum one-person exhibition in Chicago, Ware presents works he created when he first moved to the city a decade ago, and works from his recent series set in a Chicago apartment building."

Also another item of interest at the MCA: "Zines, Comics, and Other Hip Lit Book Fair" -
Chicago's finest alternative pressers giving talks selling wares. I'll see if I can sell some minis or something. At the very least, I'll be there to see how hip it really is. It's on May 20th from Noon to 4pm. If any of you midwesterners are considering checking out either event, go to the MCA site for further info.

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