Saturday, September 22, 2012

"Afterimage" Exhibits at DePaul, Columbia and RBSC: SAIC.

In conjunction with the "Afterimage" exhibit at DePaul Art Museum, I am exhibiting my collection of toys, ephemera, and other odds n' ends at the Roger Brown Study Collection.  Below are photos from this exhibit. (More info below.)


It's a huge honor to install my collection at the former home and studio of Chicago Imagist, Roger Brown.  An extra bit of greatness, is that the shelves that my collection sits on once belonged to Ray Yoshida.  Along with fellow artists, Edra Soto and Carl Baratta, we installed our collections exhibiting a distinct connection with Brown's and with the nature of organic collecting and art practice/influence.  This has been a wonderful experience and I hope that more folks can come to experience all the collections there.  Our installations will be up till November 18th.  

Also, another satellite exhibit at the Columbia College Center for Book & Paper Arts is showing some collaborative prints I made with Paul Nudd as well as work from the fellow artists mentioned above, Lilli Carre, and Eric Lebofsky.  Below is an image of one of the print suites exhibited, entitled "Head Heaps" (Onsmith + Nudd, 2009):

I also have some of my minicomics exhibited at the Joan Flasch Artists' Books Collection at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago.  If you're in Chicago, please check out one or all of these fantastic exhibits.