Friday, December 16, 2005

Appreciate Your Wiener...

Chicago and its wieners... You got your Kielbasa, your Red-Hot, your Smokie, your Bratwurst, your Frank and all that and they all go best with the cheapest swill you can find in Chicago - typically Old Style or Pabst.

Although it's not pleasent to think about what goes into a hotdog, I still have to make a trip with my pal Erich to "Budaki's" on Damen and get my wiener action. David King and I used to drive around and find new hotdog stands to eat at - places like "Shelly's Freeze", "Wiener's Circle", and "Demon Dogs". What appealed to us was probably the cartoon hotdog mascots made of fiberglass squirting mustard down their "belly" in an erotic way, the nostalgia, the working-class joes sitting on the barstools staring out the fogged up glass out to the street, the fifties modern designs... Anyway, here's some wiener appreciation for you:
Chicago's "Superdawg" stand.

There's some great hotdog logos on Joel Solomon's site, as well as other logos.
"Hotdog Holiday" by Chris Cilla

And of course, you have to know the anatomy of the Chicago hotdog (courtesy of Gold Coast Dogs).

Here's some stuff that may go into hotdogs:

* Lips, Assholes, Bone Marrow - your typical stuff
* Intestines, Livers, Kidneys, and other organ meat
* Dandruff, Nail Clippings, Scabs, Sweat, Hair
* Cotton Gloves, Safety Glass, Fingers of Factory Workers
* Tupperware, Yogurt Containers, Sporks
*Tobacco, Sawdust, Mop Heads
* Fake Moustaches, Eight-Track Cassettes, "Muscle" Shirts


Raleigh said...

Dude, you do this thing about how awesome hot dogs are. You make me all want one. Then you totally gross me out with the "hot dogs got finger nails in um" bit. And then you insult the "Muscle" shirt I'm wearing. Seriously I'm wearing a "Muscle" shirt. God...I thought we were friends!

Ob.Com. said...

I'm not sure how I feel about being mentioned in such a Freudian post. Regardless, I'm surprised you forgot about Demon Dogs, Chicago's original Satanic wiener-hut.

Arschblog said...

Looks very tasty! That makes me hungry........